I want to live here

I am in love with this house. I found it while browsing the Nesting blogs on Cookie mag, one of my all time favorite magazines. The house in Mexico is 1800 square feet, this is the perfect size for my family of four.

I love the selves. The warm wood color is gorgeous. This would be a perfect place to put my husbands many books.

The dinner ware all stored on the simple shelving is something I would love to do in my next house. I love the beams on the ceiling, the stools, and the cabinetry is stunning.

This is how I want my little boys room to look when he's done with the crib. It's a room that could grow with them for years. I love the beds. I am not sure, but they look a lot like the one I want to get for KJ from ikea.

This craft area does not only look lovely, but also seems to be highly functional. As for right now my work area for sewing and creating is the dining room table and my small desk in the corner. It works, but someday I would love to have a space of my very own. Did you notice the sewing machine cover under the desk? That little bird would definitely add style to my sewing machine that now sits in the corner of my dining area. I too have a thing for birds it will be the mascot for our new etsy store, so I was so excited when I found this lovely ladies etsy shop. You should also check out her blog, it is full of inspiration and beauty. I think we would make great friends!