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This years wrapping inspiration via mstetson design
tags via cotton idea studio

Tonight I am wrapping the gifts while watching The Holiday and sipping on eggnog. Hubby has been away quite a lot lately due to the 7 Christmas services our church is conducting. He holds a large part in it all due to the fact he is the creative pastor. What I do love about the holidays is knowing my hubby takes part in giving families a wonderful experience, Jesus should get the biggest party right? What I don't love is that the hubby misses out on all the fun the kiddos and I have leading up to Christmas day. Oh, how I still do love the holidays in my own odd way.

Update: hubby managed to work his schedule and got the morning off, woo hoo! We got the kiddos a few things from Janie and Jack. They are having a huge sale. The crowds were not even bad, I guess because of the cold?