just a little dream

I have this little dream of taking an older, cheap, drab home and making it shine. I found these while real estate stalking. The second has already sold, but was too pretty not to share. What I love about the first is that they took this typical home added the wood posts and the three double doors along the front.

The great room with vaulted ceilings painted all white was not what I expected for this home, but am totally in love. The dark wood floors are beauties and again the double doors hung on either side of the fireplace is perfect for entertaining.

I really am just in awe of this bathroom vanity. I would take it down a notch by adding a wire basket of towels below.

This kitchen is just, wow! It stated in the listing that the rest of the counters are white marble, my fav.

This is the second beauty of a home. I Love the character it oozes. The green paint, the rock, the pretty little flower box, and the simple landscaping are all so very nice.

This kitchen is what got me. Again with the white marble. Those doors that bring in so much light. The first shot really shows how simple and un-kitchen like this room looks. I rather like it.

Finally, this side yard is stunning. Again with the simple lines and landscaping makes it right up my alley. I would just hope there were hydrangeas in the back.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We unfortunately are all fighting this dreaded family cold that just won't go away. I believe my little boy may have an ear infection to top it off, so away to the doctor we go. Oh and we also will be getting the tree today. My daughter could not be anymore excited.