ready for a change

I have decided to start a little fund to re-do the master bedroom. The master is the one room in the house that was never actually done. It holds all hand me down furniture that I have tried to make as nice as possible, but I am so ready for a change. It may take awhile to save up, but I am going to try to do it on a very tight budget. These are my ideas thus far. Let me know if you have any better ideas or good cheap resources. I also want to paint the room white, hubby may not go for this one since we just painted only a year ago.

This is the bedroom I somewhat want to mimic. I find it to be very soothing and simple which fits me perfectly. I can not remember where I found this image, so sorry.

This is a similar dresser that is in the room now. Mine is still the original cream with gold edging. I do like the idea of painting it, but it does go with the rest of the set in my daughters room. I can't decide if it is a good idea to split up the set for good or not. Would you?
This Is the headboard I am quite fond of. It has a very low price point and the look I want. I like the clean lines and the simple tufting.

I then would like a white quilt just like this. This one I found at pottery barn, but I think I may be able to find something similar at home goods for much less. I also like the idea of adding a little extra warmth.
I would then put my current comforter in this linen duvet and have it folded down at the end of the bed.

I already own very similar lamps that I found at a local estate sale. These I found on the blog of Elements of Style. They are by the wonderful Martha Stewart.

I thought these end tables would go with the current dresser that is in the room. I would paint these french little lovelies a creamy taupe or possibly a light gray. I like the idea of the drawers to hide my ever growing pile of bedside magazines and kid books. I am still going to hit up local thrift and antique shops to see if I can find some local. These I fond via ebay for $125 plus $50 for shipping. Is this a good deal or should I continue my search?

I love these canvas buckets. They would be perfect to put all the extra toys that have made their way into our room. The bedroom is large so the sitting area has become where the kiddos watch movies and play. Currently there is a chair and a half in the room that will be removed and for the kiddos Christmas two bean bags will make there way in. I know beanbags are not the most stunning, but the kids do love them.

I would love your input! Let me know what you think.